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founder + creative director


Obsessed with alligators and inspirational quotes, sings into fake mics - loudly, creative to the core, great cook, beautiful spirit, can start and maintain bonfires, marketing maven, leader of sorority strolls, used to be an avid runner - trying to get that back, and alas, she kisses, creates, and brands with all her might… 

A creative from the start, Concitta stumbled upon her mother's work version of Print Shop Deluxe as a child, and as fate would have it, hasn't looked back since. From bookmarks, event collateral, and wedding invitations to book signings, corporate events, and weddings, and from one-year-olds to Grammy award-winning artists, Concitta has created and branded just about everything - for everyone. And now, Concitta is creating for her - and ultimately, you.


The discontinuation of her marketing manager position, a lack of luster with general freelancing, a chance opportunity, and the beckoning of a fellow creative found her setting up a vending table at a summer neighborhood market. What was she selling? Absolutely nothing. She was encouraged to just 'be there'.'  She pulled out previously designed wedding and event collateral, a few business cards and  pop-up signs - the rest is history.


The traffic to her table was unbelievable and the demand to buy her unsaleable offerings left her speechless. In that moment she realized that she didn't have to wait - she didn't need to wait until she retired to live out her dreams and she didn't need brick and mortar to solidify her place in business.


And thus, philosofher was born.

philosofher is a collection of all things Concitta - her likes, her loves, her philosophies on life, and the things that motivate her to push thru - all branded on apparel, stationery, novelties, & such.

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